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Lori Shipp.
Classical Pilates
for every body.

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Welcome to Lori Shipp Pilates, where we believe in the Classical Method. Classical Pilates is an exercise method developed by Joseph Pilates nearly a century ago. The term “Pilates” has spread to the mainstream as it is proven to reshape and tone the body without causing stress and imbalance. The movement is rhythmic, fluid and focused to build greater strength, flexibility and endurance. It is layered and structured as a system that requires progressive learning and mastery. Keep clicking to find out how this method, as taught by Lori, can change your life.


Client Review

"Lori is a tremendous instructor: not only are her classes fun, but she does a great job of assessing her clients and helping them achieve their goals. Many trainers have a program and fit clients into that program; Lori's approach is highly individualized."

- Rafe | Raleigh, NC

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